2-2-4 [Part 1]

…Or “Two days, two museums, four exhibitions [Part 1]”.


When I first heard of Munkacsi being in town, I remembered his “Boys, lake Tanganyika” as being one of the greatest icons of 20th century photography. However, the posters around the town pictured other great photos of MM, so I was prepared for an interesting show – and an interesting show I got! Continue Reading »



I love my city. It is an amazing cultural and social cavalcade. It is neither too big, nor too small, it is neither in the center of all the attentions, but yet appreciated by the connoisseurs. It is a place where beautiful historical features are mixed with nightlife hot-spots, where you can shout and jump at one of the biggest music festivals of the region or practise modern dance, go to the weirdest contemporary art performance, stand in a 2-hour line to see Klimt’s canvases, or attend a lecture of the Dalai Lama. Continue Reading »

[Disclaimer: I don’t mean to encourage anyone to do that. I’m simply sharing my experience. (Who knows who might read this blog in the future…)]

The Schengen area is a truly a wonderful idea. Especially for those of us who represent ‘third-country nationals’ (what a lovely substitute for the ‘third-world country nationals’). You get one visa in your passport and you are golden. You can have lunch in Bratislava, spend a weekend in Prague, winter break in Paris and on the way back stop by Vienna. It really saves a lot of time, money and sanity. Continue Reading »

Diary of a CEU-er: Finals!

Perhaps (at least) 70% of CEU students had a similar schedule.

10 days. Around 13,000 words.

Day 1: I still got plenty of time! I can spend a few hours watching “Two and a Half Men” and posting on friends’ facebook walls!

1 cup of coffee, 2 energy drinks, 4 hours of sleep, 2 meals, 100 words Continue Reading »


If you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead and indulge yourself this weekend. It might well be “the” 3D of the season.…Because for the 3D we* went last evening when we gave up the original English language for the Hungarian dubbing, and were not disappointed. (Strange enough, local cinemas only offer the ENG+2D package.) Yeah yeah yeah… we didn’t understand a thing from what they spoke (did they say something about  “clusters of information” and “isometric software”?), but we more than loved the visuals. Continue Reading »

27.5 cm

…and 3,99 Gb: a possible summary of my three months in CEU.Three Months at CEU

The enclosed picture doesn’t make much justice to the real life @ CEU B-School. It is also very hard to put into words, but I think that “emotional montagne rousse” might be close. Let me explain. Continue Reading »

MOvember @ CEU

What pops in my mind about November? Definitely the end of sunny days, cold, rain, or maybe even the first snow, All Saints Day, the Beaujolais Nouveau, Thanksgiving, the approaching examination period and Christmas. Well, all this is valid. However November has also another feature that only few people know: November is the month of MOvember!

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