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Sarah was born in Tanzania from a Zanzibari mather and lived there for most of her life, however she went to College in Canada and has also worked in the United Kingdom thanks to her British father. She has relatives in Oman as well, and on the top of that she has a Hungarian family name coming from her Hungarian grand-father. Before coming to Budapest, she studied public policy and worked on development projects with different agencies in Tanzania. Sarah is always full of energy and happiness, she is incredibly open-minded and receptive to the world around herself and always ready to take actions for higher purposes. (more…)


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I love my city. It is an amazing cultural and social cavalcade. It is neither too big, nor too small, it is neither in the center of all the attentions, but yet appreciated by the connoisseurs. It is a place where beautiful historical features are mixed with nightlife hot-spots, where you can shout and jump at one of the biggest music festivals of the region or practise modern dance, go to the weirdest contemporary art performance, stand in a 2-hour line to see Klimt’s canvases, or attend a lecture of the Dalai Lama. (more…)

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[Disclaimer: I don’t mean to encourage anyone to do that. I’m simply sharing my experience. (Who knows who might read this blog in the future…)]

The Schengen area is a truly a wonderful idea. Especially for those of us who represent ‘third-country nationals’ (what a lovely substitute for the ‘third-world country nationals’). You get one visa in your passport and you are golden. You can have lunch in Bratislava, spend a weekend in Prague, winter break in Paris and on the way back stop by Vienna. It really saves a lot of time, money and sanity. (more…)

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Diary of a CEU-er: Finals!

Perhaps (at least) 70% of CEU students had a similar schedule.

10 days. Around 13,000 words.

Day 1: I still got plenty of time! I can spend a few hours watching “Two and a Half Men” and posting on friends’ facebook walls!

1 cup of coffee, 2 energy drinks, 4 hours of sleep, 2 meals, 100 words (more…)

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MOvember @ CEU

What pops in my mind about November? Definitely the end of sunny days, cold, rain, or maybe even the first snow, All Saints Day, the Beaujolais Nouveau, Thanksgiving, the approaching examination period and Christmas. Well, all this is valid. However November has also another feature that only few people know: November is the month of MOvember!


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Or even better, for non-Hungarian speakers: Lucien Hervé 100 @ Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. While his name is not among those of the big four Hungarian photographers (Kertész, Moholy-Nagy, Brassaï, Capa), his photographs might easily be part of any major museum’s collection. (more…)

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Spam Wars!

It saddens me, as a member of the CEU community, to notice, what seems to be, a cease-fire between the forces of CEU pro- and anti-spammers. It has been a while since we received one of those e-mails from the active members of our community courageously standing up against the never-ending flow of spam e-mails. Unlike these selfless warriors I have always appreciated the opportunity to learn about job openings, dance classes, new social groups and great apartment deals. I always empathize with a fellow student who lost a USB stick, library books and other precious stuff. However, what I enjoy most is reading the reaction of anti-spammers. (more…)

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