Take some colorful paints and plants, recruit a bunch of volunteers, provide some good music and refreshments, mix it with enthusiasm and happiness, and the results speak for themselves: a reshaped Japanese Garden full of colors and flowers, ready for use in the upcoming summer!

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Sarah was born in Tanzania from a Zanzibari mather and lived there for most of her life, however she went to College in Canada and has also worked in the United Kingdom thanks to her British father. She has relatives in Oman as well, and on the top of that she has a Hungarian family name coming from her Hungarian grand-father. Before coming to Budapest, she studied public policy and worked on development projects with different agencies in Tanzania. Sarah is always full of energy and happiness, she is incredibly open-minded and receptive to the world around herself and always ready to take actions for higher purposes. Continue Reading »

Procrastination is an integral part of every student’s life. Having mastered this skill, I feel that it is my duty to share my knowledge and experience with others. Below is a list of web-pages that are guaranteed to waste a few hours of your life daily! I have personally tested each and every one of them. Continue Reading »

The winter term has begun, and most students are beginning to get settled into the usual routine of classes and social events. To welcome everyone back to CEU, the Student Union will be hosting the International Cultural Festival (ICF) this week. Just in case you haven’t seen the emails in your GroupWise inbox, check out the ICF on Facebook. There is going to be several nights devoted to movies, both documentaries and blockbuster films like District 9, at both the CEU auditorium and the dorm. The festival will close with the main event, the international bazaar and dance party, at the dorm Continue Reading »

2-2-4 [Part 2]

…Or “Two days, two museums, four exhibitions [Part 2]”.


While still in the Ludwig Museum / Museum of Contemporary Art Budapest, we took advantage of the quite expensive admission ticket and tried to see the other things included. We only had some 45 minutes left for Taiwan Calling – Elusive Island, but we should’ve had more. Continue Reading »

Dear Julian Assange,

No one cares about you anymore!We have a new hot topic of discussion – the new media law passed by the Hungarian Parliament, which came into force on January 1st, 2011.

The CEU community received an e-mail last night encouraging us to join the protests in front of the Parliament building to “pressure” the government to repeal this “censorship” law. Although I am not a Hungarian citizen, I am a strong supporter of the idea that free media is an important, if not crucial, part of a democratic form of governance. Continue Reading »

The Art of Walking

Do you know how many types of lamps are lighting the Freedom Bridge? How many wing-beats do pigeons to fly away when you step among them? Did you know that two joyful putti decorate the façade of the building at the entrance of the new Vaci street, and one of them is showing his back? That between the Freedom Bridge and the Chain Bridge tourists can spend their money in 18 different souvenirs shops? Did you know that Charles XII of Sweden took a rest in Budapest during his long journey back home, and that there is a memorial tablet in the city center reminding us this event? That there is a blurred Serbian inscription on the building next to the House of the General Assembly of Budapest? And do you know who is that horizontally challenged soldier confidently standing in Zrínyi street?

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